Melrose, Janet

Elected to RSW 2011

Artists Statement

My recent work has involved me looking at an area of woodland close to my studio. I am aware of a shift in thinking when I enter the wood. There is a heightened sense of awareness; an edginess, a snap of a twig, the raucous cries of rooks. In the midst of all this is a shelter, a place of snctuary, a retreat, a place to reflect on my transitory presense in the world.v


Janet Melrose graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 1986 and was awarded Andrew Grant Bursary which allowed period of study in Florence before returning to complete Post-Graduate studies. As a proessional member of VAS, SSA and RSW she regularly exhibits in the annual exhibitions.


Angus College Purchase Prize
Peter Potter Gallery Prize VAS
Dorothy Duff Memorial Prize VAS
The Aspect Prize 2009

Selected Exhibitions

BP Atrium Gallery, Aberdeen 2013
V.A.S. Members Exhibition, Gracefield
Art Centre, Dumfries 2013
R.S.W. Summer Exhibition, Perth 2013
Gallery Heinzel, Aberdeen 2013
Union Gallery, Edinburgh 2013
The Whitehouse Gallery, Dumfries
The Meffan Institute SSA "In A Jiffy' 2014
Union Gallery, Edinburgh May 2011 solo exhibition "A Still Life"

Public Collections

Art in Hospitals
The Edinburgh Festival Fringe
La Chiesa Santa Maria Degli Angeli, Tripoli, Libya

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