Mann, Catriona MA LLB PPVAS

Elected to RSW 2008

Artists Statement

I am primarily a figurative artist. I draw, rather than paint and derive inspiration from music, poetry or prose and incorporate reinterpreted pieces of writing that touch my imagination. Often I will incorporate this with natural scenes- in a seascape or landscape. I use water based paints and pencils and work on mounting card which can take plenty of punishment. If a piece is not working it can be washed off and the ghost becomes the basis for another work.


Founder Trustee of Paintings in Hospitals, Scotland
2003 - 2006 President of Visual Art Scotland
2005 - Elected Artist Member of Paisley Arts Institute
2007 - Honorory Member of Visual Arts Scotland
2008 - Elected RSW
2012 - Vice President RSW


1985 - Truant Award for Seascape painting (SSWA)
1998 - Dorothy Duff Award for Watercolour (VAS)
2005 - Millers Arts Prize (PAI)
2009 - May Marshall Brown Award (RSW)
2011 - RSW Council Award

Motherwell District Council
Art in Healthcare
Turcan Connell Solicitors and Asset Managers
Edinburgh University
Microsoft Scotland

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